Empowering pet parents to power pet health!

Pet health begins with you. It’s really that simple. Treat is a resource for pet parents who don’t want to guess about the food their dog or cat requires to achieve the best outcomes through all stages of life. We provide knowledge, guidance, and expertise. You provide the love and commitment.

How it works: Subscribing to Treat is easy. We’ll build a customized plan for your pet based on your needs and preferences. We’ll ask you to answer some questions about your pet, including name, age, breed, gender, weight and current diet. We’ll also ask you about your views on veterinary care.

Your input will enable us to build a profile for your pet and customize a plan. First we will put together 3 veterinary approved diet recommendations including 2 types of treats*. In addition to food and treats, you may choose your own level of veterinarian support - from basic chat to 1 or 2 full 45 minute consultations.

Treat members also enjoy money-saving discounts on veterinary and pet care services.

The result is a premier online food delivery service for cats and dogs that is wellness focused even when it’s not meal time.

*Veterinarian recommended treat types per species:

Dogs: 1 training and 1 dental

Cats: 1 crunchy (dental) and 1 hairball control