Skin Allergies in Cats

How a cat’s diet can help with skin issuesThe causes including itchiness can vary widely, but pet guardians will agree that itchy cats have a decreased quality of life due to their discomfort. Accompanying symptoms that might be noticed include ear infections, redness of the skin, wounds associated with

Welcome Home! How to feed your new cat

When it’s time to welcome a new feline family member to the household, it is important to learn how to keep the cat’s tummy happy during the transition period to their forever home.The following guidelines will help to make this transition easy for both you and your

What a great new app!

This new Treat app combines food and treat delivery with veterinary expertise and telemedicine! I never have to worry again if I am feeding my pets the right food. It's been pretty much just guesswork since my regular vet never really gives me nutritional guidance...