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Digestive Issues in Dogs

What you should do when your dog has digestive issuesDiarrhea, upset stomach or your dog is refusing to eat? There are many reasons why your dog might experience gastrointestinal disorders. As even the most common signs can be related to a serious illness, give your veterinarian a call if you


Skin Issues in Dogs

When your dog’s skin doesn’t appear healthyDiet is often seen as a factor when pet guardians notice changes in their dog’s skin and coat condition. However, the most common causes of these changes are allergies, the season and your dog’s changing physiological needs based on life


Skin Allergies in Cats

How a cat’s diet can help with skin issuesThe causes including itchiness can vary widely, but pet guardians will agree that itchy cats have a decreased quality of life due to their discomfort. Accompanying symptoms that might be noticed include ear infections, redness of the skin, wounds associated with