Is Your Cat Too Fat?

We all love giving our cats treats. They deserve to be pampered! But when their weight starts interfering with their health, those extra treats are doing far more harm than good.

A common justification is that a higher quality of life (aka more treats) is better than living a dull longer life (aka without treats) has some truth. But in the long run, a fat cat is just unhealthy and sick.

The problem with fat cats

Obesity in cats can cause a myriad of problems: arthritis, trouble breathing, diabetes, joint problems and decreased life span. Best to avoid all of those problems, and give your cat the long, healthy and fantastic life they deserve.

Keep your cat lean

Feed them a prescription diet! As strange as that may sound, vet-prescribed diets can help your cat get the nutrients they need while maintaining a healthy weight.

Many of these “diets” are actually meant to prevent weight gain rather than promote weight loss, so they are great even for the sveltest of kitties. Want a personalized recommendation for your cat’s food? Download treat and ask a vet today!

Also, it’s important to feed them in meals throughout the day, instead of the all-you-can-eat buffet. By feeding meals, you can control and measure the amount of food they eat. This is much healthier than leaving food out letting them snack anytime.

If you have multiple pets, get creative! Take the dog on a walk when the cat eats dinner, or distract one cat with scratches while the other chows down.

Finally, committing to regular vet check ups and weigh ins will assure you cat is on the right track.

What do do if your cat is a little (or a lot) too “fluffy”

Just like trying to lose weight yourself, you need to set realistic goals for your cat. Hoping they magically lose all the weight in a week is just unrealistic.

Make it a game and play The Biggest Loser: Cat Edition. Control what they eat, use interactive cat toys (like fishing pole type toys that have them jumping all around your couch) and commit to regular weigh-ins. Your cat will be the good kind of fluffy in no time!

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